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Participants must be 18 years of age or older. Photo ID will be required for entry. Management reserves the right to refuse entry.

Maximum tub capacity is 6 people per hot tub.

Please shower before attending Hot Tub Cinema.

The elderly, pregnant women and/or participants with respiratory or cardiopulmonary problems, diabetes, low or high blood pressure, or any serious illness should not enter the hot tubs without prior consultation with their doctor.

All Hot Tubs are chemically treated prior to and during use. Although the chemicals used are considered safe, persons with allergies, skin disorders, open wounds, suspect pregnancy and/or any other conditions should consult a doctor before entering the Hot Tubs.

The use of fake tan is not permitted by patrons using the hot tubs.

People who feel unwell, suffer from heat allergy, or are sensitive to chlorine/lithium should not use the hot tubs.

All persons should avoid submerging their heads and ingesting the water.

The heat of the hot tub water speeds up the effects of alcohol and can cause sleepiness, dizziness and unconsciousness, so please drink responsibly.

A break from the hot tubs at least every 45 minutes should be observed due to the fatiguing effects of prolonged use of hot tubs.

Never use the hot tubs while using or after using narcotics or other drugs that may cause sleepiness, drowsiness or raise/lower blood pressure.

Take extreme caution and no running is permitted . The floor and other surfaces may become slippery. Please govern yourself accordingly. Wearing stilettos is also strongly discouraged.

No excessive splashing and do not jump into the water.

You will be entering a licenced venue and participating in a water based event at your own risk, which you voluntarily assume.

Although we have taken precautions to make this event safe and enjoyable, we cannot and do not guarantee that accidents or other mishaps, perhaps resulting in serious injury will not occur. If you have any doubts or misgivings about your safety, well-being or personal property, you have the right to not participate in this event by not entering into the venue.

Hot Tub Cinema expressly disclaims responsibility or liability for any and all injuries, accidents, loss of property or other occurrences, which may result in damages to any individual or group participants in this event.

All persons must follow instructions of event staff and the Lifeguards on duty.

You may be photographed or recorded at this event. These images and/or footage may be used by Hot Tub Cinema for future promotional material both online and in print media. If you do not wish to be photographed or recorded, please notify staff when you arrive to the venue.

Enjoy yourself but please respect all other patrons and staff.

All sales and prices displayed are in Australian Dollars ($AUS).

PLEASE NOTE: Hot Tub Cinema urges you to drink responsibly and accepts no liability for any loss, damage or injury sustained during any of our events. Our events take place at a fully licensed venue. As such, only alcohol purchased from our bar can be consumed during the events. You will be held responsible for any damages (including but not limited to: hot tubs, decorations, venue).


All bookings are non-refundable. Although, you do have the option to transfer your ticket and send someone else in your place. Transfer must be for the same date of your original booking. Transfers will be available up to 5pm of the day of the booked event.

Hot Tub Cinema reserves the right to cancel any event at any time.
We will notify you at the earliest possible opportunity and offer an appropriate alternative.


At Hot Tub Cinema the security of personal information that we collect is of utmost importance to us. The kinds of personal information that we collect may  vary depending upon our interaction with you.

Generally, we collect personal information when you make a purchase on our website.

We do not share or disclose any of your personal information with any third party.

Hot Tub Cinema's policy is to only use personal information collected from customers for the main business purpose for which it was collected.

Hot Tub Cinema may hold your personal information in electronic or hard copy format or a combination of both.

If you opt to be added to our mailing list, your details will be used for this purpose only.

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